About us

About us

Fishing Company S.A. – dynamically growing fishing company. For many years of its existence, the company has strengthened its position in the market. The pace of production and production is growing steadily, thanks to the professionalism and coordinated work of fishermen and effective management, the company looks confidently into the future.

The fleet consists of the following vessels:

  • Vessel «Profesor Mykhaylo Aleksandrov»
  • Vessel «Kapitan Rusak»

The main products are:

  • second-hand pollock, block pollock fillet, minced mint, liver and pollock caviar;
  • pacific herring, herring fillets, herring caviar;
  • mackerel, sardines, iwasi;
  • squid carcass and tentacles;
  • halibut black carcass;
  • cod, cod roe and cod liver.